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To demonstrate that a cloud application hosted on Windows Azure Platform can cooperate with Office 365’s functional capabilities.


The application includes basic ERP functions in order to simulate a real-world environment of an application stored on the cloud (using Windows Azure and SQL Azure). The application requires a User ID and Password of an Office 365 subscription in order to be able to simulate seamless integration between the application’s ERP functions and the features provided by Office 365, namely Exchange Online, Lync Online and SharePoint Online.

Pre-requisites for deployment and test:

Please refer to my blog post on the topic about integrating Windows Azure applications with O365 subscriptions. You will find the pre-requisites that you must fulfill before deploying this app and use it on the cloud:

TechnoStore App Demo Script

1. Go to and sign up for a trial.
a. Note the New User ID and the Password you enter.
2. Go to and click on Sign Up.
3. Enter your personal email and taking into account that this will be your username.
4. Click on Register.
5. Go to Login page, enter your newly created credentials and click on Login.
6. You are at the Home page. The application has three components: Tasks, Personal, and Administration.
7. Click on Define Windows Live IDs
8. Enter the User ID and Password you entered when singing up for Office 365 trial.
9. Click on Create.
10. By clicking on Define Custom Domains at the Home Page, you may define the domain you own to be enabled on your Office 365 subscription.
11. By clicking on Create New Users, you can define new user of the application.
12. Click on Create New User.
13. Enter an email you have an access to, the password will be sent, do NOT select Admin? and click on Create.
14. On the Office 365 Admin Panel you see that the user has been automatically created from a Windows Azure application on your Office 365 subscription, and all the licenses are also automatically assigned and provisioned.
15. Go to the mail where the password is sent.
16. Enter the new user’s credentials and click on Login.
17. By clicking on Mailbox, the Outlook Web App will be opened and the user will start using Exchange Online and Lync Online functionalities.
18. By clicking on Team Site, the SharePoint portal will be opened and the user will start using SharePoint Online functionality.
19. By clicking on Search Customers, Search Products and Create New Customer, the user will start using a simple ERP application hosted on Windows Azure.

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